Available on major satellite receivers and smart televisions such as Sony


You was directed to this page to add the television network that sent you here. Check Channels listings to enjoy other TV channels.

Thanks to the mediashare software application, most Satellite TV receivers and Sony Smart TV’s customers can update their set top boxes add channels from the MY TV Channels software. Software works on the following Directv receivers. DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR, DIRECTV Plus® DVR (R22 model only) or DIRECTV® HD (H21 and H23 models only)

Customers will also be able to access and stream the service over a wired or wireless Internet connection using a variety of connected devices without requiring additional hardware, satellites, long-term contracts or credit checks.

All you need to do is download the software. ( Mac Computers are not compatible with software.  Check with us later as we are developing compatibility for mac computers)  Connect your SatelliteTV box or Sony Smart TV to the internet and follow the software instructions then you have access to all our channels.


And watch the My TV Channels on your TV Click Here to download the software

1.  Download the software on your windows computer

2.  Connect your cable tv or set set top box to the internet

3.  from your computer follow the installations stePS


If you are asked whether to save or run the file, please select ‘Run’. MyTVChannels contains no spyware, adware or viruses. 

First let’s make sure that you can get the satellite/cable box receiver and MyTVChannels talking to each other. You should have your receiver hooked up to the same network your media server (PC) is going to be on. Start up MyTVChannels on your server (PC). Wait about 30 seconds then go to you television. Bring up the menu on the receiver using the ‘menu’ button. You should see an option called ‘Extras’. If you select ‘Extras’ you should see an option called ‘Music & Photos’.

If you do not see the ‘Music & Photos’ option click here. Read the section titled ‘I have my network hooked up and can’t see the media server on my Directv Box.’

When you select ‘Music & Photos’ you should see a screen with ‘My Computers’ highlighted. Select it. A drop down menu should appear with the name of your computer and MyTVChannels appended to it.

You should see ‘Streaming Channels. Select it. Then ‘View Channel List’, after selecting that you will see all the channels listed. Select one to view it.

If you have a Directv HR24 Receiver you MUST do a red button reset after you have attached your receiver to your router. The HR24 is shipped with the ethernet port disabled and it won’t enable until you’ve done this!

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